Friday, September 26, 2008

Google Outspends the U.S. Government for Geothermal research

Now—the charitable wing of the search engine giant—has chipped in nearly $11 million for this renewable resource: so-called geothermal power, or tapping the Earth's heat to make electricity. That makes the largest funder of enhanced geothermal research in the country, outspending the U.S. government

I am not surprised by this news.But the timing of it is a little early one can say. Google, being one of the worlds largest consumers of energy, has to do something about/for it. By Geothermal energy, we are meaning to use up the fireball thats burning at the center of the earth considering it as a rich resource. We will have a lot of time before we go on to the debates of how harmful it will be to use up the whole fire ball and what effects it might bear on the climatic calamities we are seeing now or speculations about gravity as its a long time plan and it might even take a decade before which we start to see any commercial use . Google's investment on this is a very strategic and generous move like many of its initiatives.I am not sure what Google has in mind.


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