Friday, January 1, 2010

My Experiment with Truth

Happy New Year 2010!

For the new year, Im trying not to tell a lie for 30 days; till 30th of January 2010.

I wanted to try this in order to focus on situations that make us cover the truth because Men have become so accustomed to lie, that it comes out as easily as the truth.I wanted to see those situations and observe more clearly why the deceit was required and what could have avoided it.

Im not a saint and not planning to be one in the near future. Im just bored and wanted some fun and the first thing that came to mind was this.Lets see how tolerant I can be and what can make me break this experiment.I will share if something interesting happens in this period or I shall summarize it at the end of the period.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Jai Ho!! A R Rahman Ft. PCD - Pussy Cat Dolls

An oscar winning song!!  Remade by PCD...  the lyrics are good and i luv Nicole's voice,,,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Let me Introduce you to a Mozilla Firefox Addon, Ubiquity. A very handy utility that helps you simplify your tasks during your life in the internet. Command triggered actions can be performed using this tool. This both is fun and very effective.For example if you find some long bad, unknown word in the internet, dont fret, just select the word and ask ubiquity to define it and there you go. Have an address on the webpage and want to know where it exactly is??  Just ask him to Map it for you, he will be more than glad to do so also will it enable you to insert the section of the map into an email and draft it to your friend without ever needing to type another URL in the address bar. U have more adresses??  no worries he is more efficient taht way select everything and say 'map these' and voila there you go.  This make being at many places in one time very possible.
Some more on what it can do, 
  • Can update your twitter status - This is something i like to do very often as this is very practical and quick.
  • Can ask for a WIKIPEDIA article 
  • Can edit a page
  • Can add events to your Google Calendar.
  • Can Digg an article directly. 
  • Can search in flickr.
  • Can do many more. Check out . Link
Try it now.Link

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Face of Terror : Lets Face it Head-On :Attacks in Mumbai

Attacks in Mumbai by terrorists, separating us from over 150 of our kith and kind.The face of terror they call it.Lets face the terror should be the call. Salute to the NSG and more honor to the Police Force who have been valiant and thoughtful in facing the situation head on.Wise aggression shown by them will subdue further attacks. 
Yes we are vulnerable, so were the mighty Americans.But where can we be different??  We have to instill fear in the minds of people who even dare to take a weapon against any Indian. The 8 terrorists killed can help. Hanged to decay in 8 corners of INDIA as a warning , covered by every news channel in the world, filling the first pages of all tabloids, iconizing the War on Terror, the Indian version with its very own aggression.
For the dead souls to RIP(Rest In Peace), we have to RIP the terrorists apart. We will, Will not we??

Friday, September 26, 2008

Google Outspends the U.S. Government for Geothermal research

Now—the charitable wing of the search engine giant—has chipped in nearly $11 million for this renewable resource: so-called geothermal power, or tapping the Earth's heat to make electricity. That makes the largest funder of enhanced geothermal research in the country, outspending the U.S. government

I am not surprised by this news.But the timing of it is a little early one can say. Google, being one of the worlds largest consumers of energy, has to do something about/for it. By Geothermal energy, we are meaning to use up the fireball thats burning at the center of the earth considering it as a rich resource. We will have a lot of time before we go on to the debates of how harmful it will be to use up the whole fire ball and what effects it might bear on the climatic calamities we are seeing now or speculations about gravity as its a long time plan and it might even take a decade before which we start to see any commercial use . Google's investment on this is a very strategic and generous move like many of its initiatives.I am not sure what Google has in mind.