Saturday, November 29, 2008

Face of Terror : Lets Face it Head-On :Attacks in Mumbai

Attacks in Mumbai by terrorists, separating us from over 150 of our kith and kind.The face of terror they call it.Lets face the terror should be the call. Salute to the NSG and more honor to the Police Force who have been valiant and thoughtful in facing the situation head on.Wise aggression shown by them will subdue further attacks. 
Yes we are vulnerable, so were the mighty Americans.But where can we be different??  We have to instill fear in the minds of people who even dare to take a weapon against any Indian. The 8 terrorists killed can help. Hanged to decay in 8 corners of INDIA as a warning , covered by every news channel in the world, filling the first pages of all tabloids, iconizing the War on Terror, the Indian version with its very own aggression.
For the dead souls to RIP(Rest In Peace), we have to RIP the terrorists apart. We will, Will not we??

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