Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Different? Or just Safe??

Everyone wants to be different, Stand out.. But why? I am having this question for a long time now.May be I (We) can understand it better by expressing my thought process on that. Whats so special about being different? Or is it special at all? or just a freak show?? Lets keep it short...

We see many traditionally educated people, with orthodox background trying to be different also , knowing that the other way has proved to be a success. If everyone wants to be different, wont it be common?? and for a change i would try traditional ways :P...

Jokes apart, In my view, "Being Different" is creating a whole new turf for the battle.People realize there is a risk involved and they play with the risks as trump cards. For example, I know that I can do anything. But I am not sure about my level in the bigger stage as I have not competed before.A man who goes for a duel without the knowledge of the Strengths and Slips of his foe, is bound to lose and so am I with my venture.

What i can do that can keep me glorious and prevent me from losing? Create a new pool of opportunity and plunge deep into it and mark the turf with my name. This ensures relative success and satisfaction and loads and loads of work. But I will be successful.This justifies that me being different is safer too.. But can it remain permanently that safer? That depends on my personality.But it gives me a launchpad that can bypass many levels in traditional ways. May be you have a different view :P .. put it in .. we can discuss..

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