Wednesday, May 9, 2007

GENI : Create Your Family Tree

Geni is a Free Family tree site that I came across recently.It a great new website that helps families create and share their family tree and stay in touch with each other.

Here's how Geni works:

# You start by entering your name and email address. Then, just click the yellow arrows to add your relatives!

# You can invite a relative to join the tree by entering their email address. That relative can add and invite other relatives so your tree will continue to grow!

So its sort of a team work from You and your relatives.Its very interactive and Useful in many ways. I would recommend this site for all. Especially, make the young ones do all the work, this way, they will know their family and relations. Also, you can keep in touch with all people in your tree, birthday alerts can be used and many more positive outcomes than negative ones. Also you can spend some time in creating it and integrating it. Totally its FUN.

FYI : My tree has 74 people in it.

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